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Silicone Wristbands - Debossed, Embossed Or Printed?

Posted by Christina Smith on

Silicone Wristbands - Debossed, Embossed Or Printed? - Promotions Only Wristbands

Which silicone wristbands do you need is very much down to preference but I wanted to explain here the different types and what that all means.

Debossed wristbands have the image cut into the silicone and these tend to last the longest. Prices for 10,000 units start from £0.18 each. There are a few variations which affect the price and presentation and include adding colour to the debossed area to highlight the debossed area (debossed colour-filled). You can add up to 3 different colours of silicone which are mixed together (multi-coloured debossed). You can also choose from standard width (12mm), wide (20mm) or extra wide (25mm) and adult or child sizes.

Embossed wristbands have the image raised above the wristband to create a 3D effect and will last longer than printed wristbands. Prices for 10,000 units start at £0.18 each. Choose from different options to produce your own custom wristbands. Add colour to the embossed area to highlight the image (embossed colour-filled). Choose up to 3 silicone colours mixed together (multi-coloured embossed). Pick from standard width (12mm), wide (20mm) or extra wide (25mm) and adult or child sizes. 

Printed wristbands have the image printed onto the silicone band and tend to have the shortest lifespan but prices for 10,000 units start at £0.15 each. As with the debossed and embossed wristbands variations include mixing up to 3 silicone colours (multi-coloured printed) and standard, wide or extra wide with adult or child options. Other choices include thin width wristbands and full colour (if you have logos or simple images). 

For simple cost effectiveness Plain wristbands are the cheapest but obviously they won't contain any message but you can pick any colour for the silicone or pick our standard colours for a next day delivery. 

Things to look for in Silicone Wristbands

Quality - After all your hard work you don't want an inferior product. By using Promotions Only Wristbands you are guaranteed quality and durability with your wristbands ensuring optimum value for money.

What is it's purpose - if, for example, you are considering giving your silicone wristbands away for free then maybe choose printed (thin or standard width). If you are considering generating funds for your charity and want maximum impression exposure then you may wish to think about debossed. 

Remember that whatever silicone wristbands you choose they are versatile, effective, fashionable and the modern way to increase brand awareness or security. Whatever choice you make, it may be a challenging project but the rewards are certainly satisfying, that's why we are here to help. Our experience and knowledge can ease the challenges and let you concentrate on the satisfaction. 

Got a question or like to find out more about  Promotions Only Wristbands then email or give us a call on 01256 880019.

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